Monday, November 17, 2008

Change we Believe in

With all this Presidential talk and Black President talk I decided to surf the web while at work ha ha. Well..I went to NBA.COM and ran into this inspiring piece. Gilbert Arenas is the Number 1 Blogger in the NBA in my mind. He is hilarious to me and his game is serious. He recently got a Tattoo saying " Change we Believe in" on the inside of his fingers. Ive been very hesitant to get tattoos lately, Don't know why, maybe it's my job? LOL. In all seriousness...Everyone wants a job where they can do what they want and not have to listen to any ridicule or scolding from their peers. Gilbert Arenas threw himself a Million Dollar Birthday a couple of years ago...so he can do whatever he wants. I intend on becoming comfortable with what I do...I don't want to be Rich but I want to be well off. I may be tattooing my hands soon...Why? Because I can...LOL..But Gilbert's idea is hella cool. Enjoy.

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