Monday, November 24, 2008

Flirt with it...

The Los Angeles Lakers are off to an 11-1 record in the early part of the season. Losing only once to The Detroit Pistons. This year the Lakers motto is "Defense" simple as that. With that said, they have the best record in the NBA thus far, and you can blame it on their defense. Los Angeles Lakers have held their opponents to 43% shooting from the field, which is second in the NBA. Take the defensive pressure, the best coach in the game along with the Best Player in the game today and help from the best bench in the game...and you cant help but flirt with the fact that the Lakers are on pace to test the Bulls 72-10 record back in 1995. It seems far fetched, and the Lakers aren't even thinking about it, but you know it's a thought. The Lakers 11-1 record up to this point is one game better then the Chicago Bulls record back then, the Bulls were 10-2.
Last night the Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings. On that Kings team, Randy Brown is an assistant coach. The same Randy Brown that was a player on that Bulls team back in the '90's. Dont remember him? He wore number 0. Even more of a memory, he was the guy who tried to take the ball from Michael Jordan when they won it all in that 1996 season. Well, he was quoted as saying that the Lakers now have a better team then the Bulls did then. I agree completely. Back then the Bulls had a great team, MJ was the best player at the time, as is Kobe now, The Bulls role players were the best in the game. Tony Kukoc off the bench seems similar to Lamar Odom off the bench now. The Lakers though have a better collective bench and that makes them better.

I'll go on record to say that the Lakers will win 69 games this season, I'd love to see them tie or even break the record. The NBA now is too good. The East as weak as it seems is getting better day by day. The West is getting even tougher. Teams that normally don't win, are winning. Look last year how the Atlanta Hawks took the Boston Celtics to 7 games in the playoffs. Teams are bound to win games they aren't supposed to. The other night I was watching the Raptors vs Nets and they went into overtime, a quick pick for Vince Carter and an alley oop from out of bounds ends the game. That quickly is how teams win games. So that and mental let down are the obstacles against the Lakers this season. I see them taking the chip this year, a repeat of last years NBA Finals is in the works..but this time the Larry O'Brien Trophy is going to reside back in La-La Land.

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