Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Interview with the Adult Film Star...

I'm not going to say that I am a Porn addict or anything like that, because I am not. I'm a typical guy. Do I watch Porn, Yes, occasionally. Do I religiously sit in front of a computer or TV and jerk off to the damn thing, of course not. If anything I sit and watch it just to see what is going on in the adult film industry, to see the new faces(and old ones) and also to see what catches my eye. About a year ago I had seen this chick Sarah Vandella on Assparade.com, yes people let's be mature I'm talking about the birds and the bees just a raunchier birds and the bees. Her face was cute as hell and she was just real appealing to me, and let's be honest you wouldn't just have sex with any porn star, we choose our porn stars like we do our sneakers,or our favorite brand, or magazine and etc. One night while bored on the space I decided to search to see if this vixen had a Myspace page, turns out she did. I figured if she has more then one then god knows if its the real Ms Vandella, but heck it was worth a shot. I requested her a real long time ago, and again while bored at work I decided to message her to see if she would reply or not. Turns out she did reply. I was at first shocked, but also happy that she did. For starters, "famous" people don't really "run" their pages and also how many of you write to Adult Video stars and they reply? Go ahead, I have time...exactly..none of you. So I interviewed Sarah and asked her a few questions and she answered them...here's how it went.

MrBruCru:Besides the money the fame and the obvious pleasures of your job, what makes you want to wake up everyday and do what you do?

SarahVandella:honestly to me my sexuality is a weapon that i didn't know i possessed until i was at least 22....i was always very shy and self-conscious....i would say what drives me is the support from my fans..and the fact that i am living my dream!!

MBC: Whats the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?
SV:i don't have too many crazy fans...I'm not sure how popular my name is but i really appreciate all the letters of encouragement and love.
(Break) I'm pretty sure she was just being "humble", If only she knew how many times Ive said her name in front of my friends and how many of them knew who she was...Haha

MBC:If you could date any celebrity, who would it be and why?
SV:hmmmmm i guess it would have to be a musician, Aaron Lewis but hes married ha ha oh well

MBC:If Sarah Vandella was not a Porn star she would be...?
SV:if i wasn't in adult films i would be a counselor for drug addicted kids..my best friend is one and she is the most inspiring, caring girl i have ever met!!

MBC: And last but not least...I'm planning on starting this Clothing company soon, I got some ideas in the works, would Sarah Vandella wear one of my T shirts and leave me a comment on Myspace? Haha
SV:i would absolutely wear one !! i want first dibs haha

If you don't believe me check her myspace out: www.myspace.com/sarahvandella

Sarah Vandella and her ass are Mr Bru Cru approved.


ds ric said...

dope shyt dude, ive done some interviews with porn stars to..jus remember they are like us, jus making money havin sex..haha

Soulful Jenn said...

LOL @ the comment above!

Wow. I like this post. She's dope, ima fan. Ha! And she looks a helluva lot better than on my LX. Word.

P.S. I want dibs on this successful clothing line too.. I'm on the West Coast, I can do some marketing.. Let me find out I get your shit on Rodeo Drive ;-X