Sunday, November 23, 2008

Looking Good

Staying with the Knicks...I caught glimpses of the game against the Bucks...and I know the rotation is limited now to only what like 7 players due to the trades and injuries? But I could not bare to watch it. So they took on the Washington Wizards tonight at home...and we were looking good...Quentin Richardson was looking like he was an all star. Not to be all negative, but He is so much better then he shows out there. I know injuries and what not have messed a bit with his game, but he is a very good shooter. Lately he has been slumping..but tonight? Oh boy did he come out to play. Richardson had 34 points and 12 boards...and made 7 three pointers...6 of them in the First quarter alone. He ties a Knicks record set by John Starks for most Three's in a quarter. The Wizards, still without Gilbert Arenas, stayed in the game until late but just couldn't make a comeback strong enough to get the win on the road. Nate Robinson had a couple of crucial shots that helped the Knicks edge out the Wizards. Although Washington is off to one of the worst starts in franchise History I still believe that in the weak east they are one of the teams to beat. The Knicks are above .500 at 7-6 and hopefully we can maintain a steady record and stay healthy because I feel like this year were making the Playoffs...Even if it's just as the 8th seed...Playoffs are Playoffs and I have faith. LETS GO KNICKS!!!

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