Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nike at its best

Many people, yours truly being one of them always dream of designing their own sneakers, and thankfully, Nike Bespoke is here to do just that. having your own design on a sneaker solidifies the fact that you will be the only person with that shoe. That is a one of a kind feeling. Nike Sportswear Bespoke is a by appointment design experience which will allow shoe enthusiasts to go one-on-one with Nike Designers, mix and match various Nike footwear styles and create the shoe of their dreams. It also features much more customization options than Nike iD. Want to grab one of your own? You will have to head on down to 21 Mercer on November 15th, which is the launching date of Bespoke, and is also the much awaited Air Force 1 sneaker launch.

For more info check out: www.soleredemption.com and www.nike.com

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