Monday, November 10, 2008

Bailon Explains Nudie Pics

Ok, so maybe I shouldnt have posted the fully naked pictures of Adrienne Bailon, I shouldve just posted the edited ones, but hey shit happens. She is a very pretty girl and it sucks that this had to happen to her. Allegedly, her laptop was stolen at JFK airport a few weeks back, and she offered to pay $1,000 dollars to whomever returned it. Well apparently when the laptop was returned and Bailon accessed her files, the pictures that surfaced on the internet were stolen from the laptop. She issued an apology along with her lawyer and will pursue legal action. I just hope I dont get fined for posting her pictures. Best of luck to her, hopefully this wont happen to any more young starlett's. She is definitely Mr Bru Cru approved though. Haha.

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