Saturday, November 29, 2008

Plax shoots himself

It was reported that Friday night Plaxico Burress was shot in a NYC Night Club. Latin Quarters is located in midtown Manhattan and is the location where apparently, Burress shot himself accidentally in the thigh. There were no serious injuries, he was in Cornell Medical Center and spent only 2 days there. As to why he was carrying a loaded handgun? That is still unanswered. This incident adds to the already drama filled off season and season the has hovered over and around Plaxico Burress this year. It's OK for athletes to be protected and have a sense of security, but carrying the weapons themselves just makes no sense to me. He could have seriously injured himself. Plaxico had been recently injured having pulled a hamstring. One thing is for certain, Liquor, Nightclubs and Guns really don't mix too well, they usually equal "Accidental Shootings". Hopefully he's OK, and can return to the Giants lineup sooner then later.

For more info Check out: www.espn.com and www.nfl.com

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