Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RevolversFresh is Mr Bru Cru Approved

So..I know this dude "Ralphy"...but he goes by the name RevolversFresh. He has his reasons for using this identity, but I wont give you the answer to this on here...If you want to find out more about him you can check out his Myspace...I'll give you that information later. I decided to interview him Mr Bru Cru style. I threw some questions at him, not the most professional ones, but ones that make for a great interview. As always, RevolversFresh kept his cool, and answered them...Perfectly. Enjoy.

RevFresh (4:19 PM):

(MrBruCru)supadupa1821 (4:20 PM):

RevFresh (4:20 PM):
lets get this interview underway my g!

supadupa1821 (4:20 PM):
What's good nigga Lol

RevFresh (4:20 PM):
u peeped the new video i sent u?

supadupa1821 (4:20 PM):
Yeah I'd smack a bitch if she ever treated me that way. Lol
Let me come up with a few questions and then you can answer them.

RevFresh (4:21 PM):

supadupa1821 (4:21 PM):
Want me to send em through myspace? Or just ask em here?

RevFresh (4:22 PM):
u can ask'em here

supadupa1821 (4:22 PM):
Aight cool..gimme a few min so I can come up with wild shit

After Ten minutes of my crazy mind working its Magic I finally came up with a few questions:

supadupa1821 (4:32 PM):
If RevFresh was President of the US, who would he prefer as his Bodyguards? G-unit or terror Squad?

RevFresh (4:33 PM):
I'd Have to say Terror Squad, I gotta rep for my bronx natives! If I picked G-Unit.. who would body guard them while they bodygaurd me?

supadupa1821 (4:34 PM):
Lol True...but they own bulletproof shit...

supadupa1821 (4:33 PM):
If you could do a collabo with either Soulja Boy or Hurricane Chris...which one would you want to work with least?

RevFresh (4:35 PM):
Soulja Boy is The Fucking Man! I don't Care what anyone says, this kid spun platnuim all on his own, you can't beat that... I'm not a fan of his music persay but, I def respect the man's hustle tactics.

supadupa1821 (4:35 PM):
I def agree...I hate his music, but he works to get his.
Ok...more about you...Who is RevFresh in one sentence?

RevFresh (4:36 PM):
RevolversFresh is the Sun Rise to the East breathing life into the world and the Sun Set to the West taking those who deserve it to the underworld.

supadupa1821 (4:40 PM):
Great fucking answer...i wouldve probably answered some corny shit about myself...LOL...If revfresh could change 2 things in this world what would they be?

RevFresh (4:43 PM):
the world's dependency on OIL... we have the technology to turn GARBAGE into a formidable power source and yet we don't.. I'd also change the education system working in a highschool in the bronx has shown me how much of a joke this shit is compared to when I went to school, i'd revamp the system make it more hands on.. children are our future but we don't treat it that way

damn.. I just went in

supadupa1821 (4:44 PM):
Lol that's true man...with all the technology this world has we don't chose the wise ways to take advantage.
Revolver loves the kids

RevFresh (4:44 PM):
that's the slogan
revolversfresh loves the kids!

supadupa1821 (4:45 PM):
If you had to choose one or death...who would you choose...Jessica Biel with Halitosis, or Scarlett Johanson with athletes foot?

RevFresh (4:47 PM):
Jessica Biel Baby!
(Sorry Fresh...Id have to go with Scarlett...I dont have to see her feet...LOL. , but good choice either way)

supadupa1821 (4:47 PM):

RevFresh (4:47 PM):
i'd just breathe through my mouth

supadupa1821 (4:47 PM):
Not a bad choice.

supadupa1821 (4:48 PM):
If revolversfresh wasn't who he is today...who would he rather be....an Austronaut....the most well known Pornstar in the US...Mos Def....or a Dinosaur?

REVOLVERSfresh (5:33 PM):
Have you played dead space? I couldn't be an astronaut shit is scurry, the thing about porn stars it's a double edged blade, your bonin' chicks ( hot chicks for the most part ) for cash, but it takes the thrill of the chase, the pursuit all outta it, its like hunting for rabbits but just buying them pre-shot and going home with them, Mos Def is the man i've met him cool ass dude so I couldn't be him i'd feel weird so I'd have to be a Dinosaur if I couldn't be me i'd rather already be fosilized n shit!

supadupa1821 (5:35 PM):
Good one. Last but def not least...what does Revolversfresh plan to do with himself in the future? What can we expect from you?

RevFresh (5:45 PM):
i plan to do something in the entertainment feild
graphic design is my love

RevFresh (5:45 PM):
and i've always been doing that, but i want to branch out, I think I have a media freidnly face and persona so we'll see how far it'll take me, at the least... i'll be youtube famous :-)

supadupa1821 (5:46 PM):
Lmao0 word and Myspace famous too...its all about what you love doing.

RevFresh (5:46 PM):
pretty much

This dude is probably by far one of the most talented and funniest individuals I have come across in life. I know a lot of people, but not many of them can show what goes on in their head. RevolversFresh is definitely one of a kind. He takes thoughts, imagination and ideas to a whole different level. You think you have funny friends...peep Fresh's videos. They'll have you saying "what the fuck" but they will definitely have you in tears. His brain probably works at a Million miles an hour...and that's why RevolversFresh is Mr Bru Cru Approved!

I will leave you guys with this...get ready to laugh aimlessly:

Check out his Myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/revolversfresh

subscribe to homie's Youtube page, it will not dissapoint you: www.youtube.com/revolver1006


Soulful Jenn said...

Excellent interviewer and interviewee!

The video sure did make me say what the fuck but it cracked me up!

Yo, Mr Bru Cru, I'ma fan of your interviews..

Mr Bru Cru said...


Muh.Wran.Duh said...

I have two words for this....

"RevolversFresh is the Sun Rise to the East breathing life into the world and the Sun Set to the West taking those who deserve it to the underworld."...

Freakin Genius!

Who is this guy? Where did he come from? Where is he going? How's he gonna get there?...I dunno but I can't wait to see...

Good stuff!

LaBellaVida said...

he's a cutie.

"you take the whites and the reds mix them shits together"