Saturday, November 29, 2008

Subway Artistically Infested

New York City is known for the variety that it possesses. The different ethnicity's, the lights, the sights and sounds. I can honestly say that New York City will drive you crazy with all the stuff it has to offer. It's random as hell too...I always take the subway...and I always stare at these things, but never really acknowledged them...I only took a few pictures of them because i had to get on my damn train, but one of these days I am definitely going to take the time out to take some more pictures to share.

I board my train at 14th street, and through out the subway there are these steel "sculptures" you can say, nothing big but definitely artistic. They say New York City is known or "rumored" to have alligators in our sewer system. Now I'm not a huge believer of that, but at the same time I wont be climbing down to find out either. I have to research who came up with the concept, but there are statues of Alligators coming out of the sewer..there is also an animated "rat" biting on a token. Tokens were used a few years back, no longer are they valid seeing as Metro cards took over. It is just interesting to look at, and definitely brings a smile to any one's face. The humor behind it is genius, but it is also capturing the city is a very artistic way. More to come soon. Enjoy.


Muh.Wran.Duh said...


I had no clue the subways had sculptures like that...

That alligator on is too freaking cute

Mr Bru Cru said...

Lmao0 I know...its cool though.