Friday, November 21, 2008


A lot of the above led to the Red Raiders doing this....
Last time I witnessed my eyes "deceiving" me was back a few years when Kobe Bryant Decided to drop 81 points in a comeback win against the Toronto Raptors. Now...I'm a fair believer in the term "anything" can happen. Sometimes that lets me down, and sometimes it drives me insane out how happy I get when extraordinary things happen. Now when I saw this score on my Blackberry, I refreshed the page because I thought it was a typo..turns out the Bobby Knights Texas Tech Red Raiders did apparently drop 167 points on the East Central tigers. 167 in 2 college halves is ridiculous. 10Tech Players scored in double figures. What's most astonishing about this is the fact that The Red Raiders shot over 50% from the field (67-113) and 13-25 from 3 point land. It would take an NBA team about 3 overtimes to score that much. A great "Knight" in College basketball history. Let the good games continue.

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