Monday, November 17, 2008

Why cant we be Friends...

That Picture above to me represents the good old days. The Lakers from 1999-2004 were the most hated team in the World. Ive been a Lakers Fan since god knows when...I was a fan of AC Green, John Salley, Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel, Vlade Divac...I was a fan back then, and I stayed faithful to them...Kobe Bryant came into the league and I was cemented as a Lakers fan. The one two punch of Bryant and Shaquille Oneal were great. Those Dynasty years, I miss them like crazy...but were in a new dawn, a new Era of Lakers' basketball and it's looking better then ever. Shaq went on record saying that he never had a problem with Kobe on the court...he said that the whole tension between them was caused by Phil Jackson...trying to fire up his players. Maybe it's true maybe not..but it wont 3 straight championships. Oneal even went on record to say that Kobe Bryant and Shaquille Oneal Will go down in History..LOL..History as the best 1-2 Punch in Lakers history. He has a few other people to compete with, but its a great challenge. LETS GO LAKERS!!!

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AG. said...

I also read today that Shaq says he would like to return to the Lake Show in 2010 as a free agent. I'm not too sure how that would work?

Mr Bru Cru said...

Yeah it said in that Article that I read that he wouldn't dismiss that idea. In my opinion, If he were to do that he would be tainting his legacy a bit because he would be backing up Andrew Bynum...but that would probably give him another ring. Who knows? Crazier stuff happens in the NBA.