Friday, November 28, 2008

You lookin' at who made me rich...

On an interview with Angie Martinez on Hot97, Kanye West opened up about his Mother passing and how he feels about his new sound music. Angie called it "Dark" and Kanye agreed, he also said that it was still Hip Hop, but he considers himself a Pop Artist, he is an artist of Music and claims that all of his previous "Happy" tracks, "Gold Digger" and "Flashing Lights" were close to not making the cuts, he says that his more serious, more dark music is what he loves. With that being said, instead of making just a few dark singles, he decided to make the whole "808's and Heartbreaks" album this way. In this whole ordeal of answering questions, West also acknowledges that he will be releasing the Air Yeezy's in March. So there you go, from the mouth of Kanye himself. Apparently he also confirmed it on his blog, so line up come March.

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