Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last night I hit up my boy A.G. and asked him how he was doing? He said he was chilling, and he was currently at the Cleveland vs 76ers game. Ant is a sports reporter and I'm very fond of his writing because he writes from the fans perspective. Anyway, I asked him to steal me LeBron's Headband, and he replied confidently saying "I don't have to steal it, Ill just ask for it". So I said cool. Then I went on to say that he should tell LeBron that he's an ALIEN. By Alien I mean that he is out of this world, does things that are not even thought of by other Players in the league. He denied my favor and said he wouldn't tell him that, but we were both on the same page when we said that LeBron is a beast. So I thought back to the other night when the Cavaliers took on the Raptors. Cleveland totally demolished Toronto,and in doing so LeBron had about 7 dunks in the game. They were all pretty flashy and "King-Like" but one just had me jump out of my seat. Not because It was so flashy, or even that creative...but seeing this dunk made me think to myself, "Damn If anyone is going to dunk and pose in the air, it's LeBron James". So here it is. Enjoy.

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