Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Black Frank White...

I remember being in my 8th Grade Literature class. The teacher, which I can't recall her name, comes into the classroom, everyone is quiet waiting for our "Do Now". It was basically a small assignment to begin the class. The thing was, that there was no Do Now. The teacher brought out a radio, told us all to stand in a circle around her and the small radio. As she tuned into the radio, all we heard was the radio show host sniffling, saying that Christopher Wallace, who went by The Notorious B.I.G. had been shot down at a red light in Los Angeles and had just passed away. Silence hit the room as we saw our teacher, who was from Brooklyn, cry her eye balls out.

Back then I was into Biggie hard body, I would tune into the radio and put my casette to record whenever he came on. I would walk around the house with this Yellow "Coby" Walkman blasting "Big Poppa" and "Suicidal Thoughts". I teared when I heard the news, but when I got home I balled like a baby. After that, High School came and while everyone in the late '90's was into Nas, Jay-Z and DMX, I was out getting "Ready To Die", "Life After Death" and eventually "Born again". I still listen to Biggie, but get emotional at times just cause Music does that to you. Who knows how the Hip-Hop Industry would be now if he were still alive. The Biography "Notorious" is set to be released nationwide in mid January, this is the best trailer I've seen thus far. Enjoy. Long Live Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace.

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