Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Divorce nears

I have said all along how great a player Stephon Marbury is. Maybe not a Hall of Fame caliber player, but certainly someone who can take over a game on any given night. Basketball now is filled with such Business savvy, that it kind of takes the attention away from the basketball being played. I enjoy watching the Knicks, I dissect every play, every shot, every move. I yell at my TV, I curse out someone when they take a stupid shot, you know why because I'm a fan. I'm Spike Lee in my house, I have the most expensive seat in the crib. All this Knicks versus Marbury feud has really taken away from the ball playing aspect of the team. All we hear is Marbury this, D'Antoni that, Dolan said this, The Players Association said that. It sucks that instead of us rejoycing in what could be a very good year for the Knicks, we dwell on the fact that were ultimately going to end up in a divorce with A New York Native who just wanted to play ball coming into the season. Of course there are other issues that go into Marbury not playing, but we (I) can only see so much. Early Tuesday Morning, Donnie Walsh, Stephon Marbury and his representative met in a meeting to try and resolve things between both Parties. All that was said was that Marbury shall not be around the team, that includes practice and games. So we will no longer see Stephon on the bench.
There has been no agreement on a buyout or sending Marbury home, because the Knicks Organization feels that both decisions favor Marbury. Stephen A. Smith explains it all very thoroughly. Enjoy.

For more info check out: www.espn.com

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