Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kobe and Magic

Ever since the Cocky, Bald guy with the sunglasses told the Philadelphia Media that he was declaring himself for the NBA, I was hooked. When he was on a team with Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones, John Salley, A.C. Green and company, I watched him. I watched him shoot air balls in the playoffs against Utah, I saw him Alley oop passes to Shaq against the Blazers, I saw him take Reggie Miller and school him in the Finals. I saw Kobe Bryant develop his game through the years much like a million of his other fans. I never hated. I never frowned upon him. I watched, I rooted and I smiled because I knew in the back of my mind that this player would be a great Player. Most players drop 40 points a game and fall off the NBA radar, they win dunk contests and then fade away only to be remembered as that player that won that specific thing. Kobe did the Dunk Contest, Kobe had streaks of 40 points per game, he was a part of a Dynasty, he has the Gold Medal, he has the MVP, he will be a Hall Of Famer...
On Christmas Night I had a conversation with my close friend Nitro. He hates Kobe Bryant because he is "Cocky". Which I care nothing about, he is...but he backs it up. What bothered me was when I asked him "Yo, Do you think Kobe Bryant is a Good Player or a great Player?" He replied saying "He's not great, he's a good player." After getting upset at him, I tuned into the Celtics vs Lakers game, and watched Bryant and the Lakers end the Boston Celtics 19 Game Winning Streak and saw the Conversation that Magic Johnson had with Kobe. I know Kobe is a great Player...and so does Magic.


AG. said...

People hate what they cannot understand and fear what they can't conquer.

Mr Bru Cru said...

I couldn't and wouldn't have put it better myself ant.