Monday, December 1, 2008

Mom plays two roles...

I feel it deep down
wished for more smiles then frowns
wanna be called pops, for that you get no props
No park, no ball, go get, go call.
Provide, that's what you re supposed to do,
anything "Dad" related was a joke to you.
Get smacked, get yelled at..that's dad
that's what he's good at.
No hard feelings, not many memories..
my future with my kids, not really worrying me.
I learned to ball, I learned to stunt,
I learned how to lay-up, I learned how to bunt.
Looking in the mirror, it's a splitting image...
Life with him, wouldnt want to re-live it.
More smiles, less tears, no pain, no blood smears.
Had to get advice elsewhere, kept feelings bottled up,
Felt like what I was doing was never good enough.
Good at striking, good at fighting...not so great with words
emotions were stifling.
Im daddy, Im brother, I provide...
No daddy, no Big Brother...Ill survive.
Get in trouble, make mistakes
Erase them mentally, raise the stakes.
Get better, move forward
Make mami proud, no harm, no foul.
I may look like you, doing everything
in my power not to be like you.
I will stay true, to that word that bothers,
unlike you, I'll become a great father.


AG. said...

Extremely well written, as I can feel and relate to the pain.

Muh.Wran.Duh said...

one word...


You spoke so much of your true feelings in this and it flowed so well. Good stuff!

Mr Bru Cru said...

thanks. Both of you.