Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ring Of Death

So...guys are born with video games in their blood. At least that's my theory. Not everyone grows up privileged enough to own gaming systems, but most have touched an Atari, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Dream Cast, PlayStation and Recently the PS3 and X Box 360. Now, I love the throwbacks, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Brothers, Super Contra, Mike Tyson Boxing that's just to name a few, but the recent ones along with their graphics are priceless, titles such as NBA 2K9, The Madden Franchise, Gears of War, Call Of Duty and all other visually stimulating games are what people like myself spend hours in front of a television wasting precious time getting your Gamer score higher while improving your game. Now the price we pay for the endless hours spent glued to a television is the whole overheating your system. I'm speaking from the x box point of view, and I'm referring to the infamous "Ring of Fire" or "Ring of Death". Now you see, this is bad, bad news. If you get one ring or even two, you're able to salvage your gaming console by just turning it off and unplugging everything for a few hours, but if you get 3 or even the whole ring, you are ultimately surrendering your x box for about a month. Now, back in the day, we didn't worry about this, or at least I didn't. I had a Nintendo, that sucker lasted forever. The game didn't work? Blow on the tape, slide it inside the Nintendo a few times and youre good to go. Guaranteed. Now a days we are faced with dilemmas such as these and they tend to stress us out. I write this blog because I recently got the Ring of Death...its been about 2 weeks...It's killing me. I feel naked, I feel like when my x box returns, I'll lose all of my gaming skills. Sad? Maybe. Common? Definitely. With this sad story I leave you with this Hilarious video to lighten up the situation. Enjoy.


Biga173rd said...

No Butt for you lol hahahahah!!

HypeR ErA said...

Guy under me , lets not expose our feelings through blogger...we all Know that u had recently bought an xbox and got the rings of death in approximatley 72 hours of actually owning the damn thing. But you see this situation here with this guy MrBruCru is that he has actually had it for now 11months and got the problem because of his younger child ------->The thing that i call Smart Guy he was playin and all of sudden got it becaus eof switching out Ad hoc and AV wires so for your info SHUT YO!

Mr Bru Cru said...

LOL...Ariel went out of his way...to create a blogger account just so he can comment this...and I get no butt?? yeah.