Thursday, December 25, 2008

Showdown on Christmas Day

After last June, I went into this mode where Every time I would see anything related to Boston and go crazy. You know when any Sports Franchise wins a Championship, Sports Illustrated usually has that whole "Commemorative Championship Pack" That includes the commercial. Well, luckily I only saw that Twice after the Boston Celtics Defeated my Los Angeles Lakers. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them, I think Kevin Garnett was much Deserved in Finally getting out of the first round and Winning everything. Now he can go down as one of the Best Players to ever play the game and with a RING too. I spent much of my summer tuning into the Olympic Games, which was about the same time I started this blog. Watching the USA Team win Gold was A great Experience for me personally, because watching previous USA Teams was disappointing(Except for of course the Dream Team). It made me appreciate the sport more, individual talent along with Team Work made me look at the game totally Different. Now, I made sure the first night of the NBA Season I Had my league pass because I didn't want to miss a second of action. I saw both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics get off to ridiculous starts. The Celtics are now 27-2, winning their last 19 straight games, which is a record in its own right. The Lakers are now 23-5 respectively, standing out in the Western Conference as the Elite Team. Both Teams are now meeting on Christmas Day in their First meeting since the Finals. There is a lot of Emphasis on the Lakers not being up to par with the Celtics and much of it is based on Defense. Everyone has their arguments. Last Year Boston had the best Defensive team and this was known and they have continued with it into this season. The Lakers are OK, but could and I believe will get better. Kobe Bryant being the Competitor he is, I know he wont let his team sulk in disbelief that they cant get back to the Promised Land. Can't wait until the game later on today. NBA, where Rivalries Happen.

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