Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lake Show

You know...my family and I, especially my brother and cousin, we tend to always get into debates about LeBron James. He is a Phenom, something about him is not like any other, but then again, everyone is different. But to me, he is out of this world. You see, Lil Wayne calls himself a martian, signifying that he is out of this world, lyrically. I feel LeBron is the same...I think he's a robot of some sort...ha ha. Then again, Kobe Bryant is my favorite player...and I think he is out of this world with the things he does, he is perfect at his craft even when he fails. Tonight's game featured two of the NBA's best squared off in a game where a lot was at stakes believe it or not. The Lakers are almost undefeated at home, losing only 3 games thus far, while the Cavaliers have a 1/2 game advantage in terms of Records against Los Angeles. Both are elite teams in their Conferences, and once again, their true colors will show when they faced off. The Lakers took command in the 4th quarter, edging out Cleveland and holding them off 105-88.

Andrew Bynum put in 14 points and grabbed 6 boards. Altering shots and making his presence felt in the Paint.

LeBron James had an awful shooting night, but still managed to pour in 23 points and have 9 rebounds to lead the Cavaliers in scoring. Mo Williams had 16 points and 6 rebs, JJ Hickson added 11 points and 4 boards and Anderson Verajao had 10 points and 12 rebounds.

Early in the game Kobe Bryant dislocated his ring finger, but stayed in the game when it was popped back into place. He dropped 20 points and dished out 12 dimes, Pau Gasol led the way with 22 points and 12 boards. Fisher added 11 and 5, Odom 8 and 10 Boards, Sasha Vujacic came off the bench on fire with 14 points, and Trevor Ariza contributed with 10 points and 4 boards.

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