Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Mama Drama

Well, usually when you're dealing with Baby Mama drama is because of unpaid child support and stuff like that. But this is a bit different. 50 Cent and Rick Ross have been what you called "Beefin'". Apparently a few harsh words were exchanged between the two rappers and it has definitely escalated recently. It started with words, then 50 cent wrote a song dissing the heavy set Ross. Ross responded on the radio saying how wack the track was. 50 then went online, on his site, thisis50.com and said that he would, no WAS going to END Rick Ross' career. Not for nothing, but he kind of has had a few rappers go away from the limelight. Ja Rule, Cam'Ron and Fat Joe have kind of fallen off of the Rap Game, although Joe has been the only real consistent one. Nonetheless, 50 is capable of ruining a career. So we get to this video below. Mr Jackson got one of Ross' baby mother's to go on thisis50.com and talk about Ross himself. Saying how he really was a Correctional Officer, how his jewelry is rented and possibly fake and how his cars are leased. Now if this doesn't get Ricky Ross' Blood boiling I don't know what will. It's on.

PS: 50 goes hard(pause) when he mentions that Rick has another baby mom's who is a Call Girl Ha ha.

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