Friday, February 6, 2009

How sweet it is....

Lets talk facts. Last June the Lakers were embarrassed when Boston smacked them by 39points to win the NBA Championship. There is a lot of pressure for the Lakers to beat the Celtics every time they face, just because It is that SERIOUS. Back on Christmas Day The Celtics went to Staples Center in one of the most anticipated games ever. The Lakers responded, beating Boston by 8, and snapping their Franchise Record 19 game win streak. So again, the two teams met this time in Boston's Garden. The game was close the whole time. Leads being exchanged, and even tempers flaring in the 3rd quarter. Kobe Bryant and Rajan Rondo went at it, Lamar Odom and Kevin Garnett even got in each other's faces for a little trash talking. There were double technicals all over the place.

Maybe that's what the Lake Show needed. The game started winding down, and physical play took its toll when KG was charged with his 6th foul on an offensive foul on Derek Fisher. That's all the Lakers needed. The game went back and fourth and eventually went into overtime. Both teams showed their defense through out the whole game, but the last seconds were the ones that counted.

Ray Allen inbounded the ball to Big Baby, back to Allen with Fisher all over him. Allen tried a tough, contested 3 pointer that fell well short...fell to the ground..and witnessed the Los Angeles Lakers chest bumping and celebrating 2 feet away from him. Sweet Revenge? Maybe Not...but it's definitely a start. The Lakers win and sweep the season series with a 110-109 victory, and also ending the Celtics 12 game win streak as they did on Christmas Day. Lets go Lakers!!!

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