Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Got them and Getting them...

Here is one of those random sneaker posts...these are some that may be added to my collection soon. Thank god for kicks, cause life is really bad right now...sighs.

OK so we have these "Army" Inspired Air Jordan 5's which bring a distinct colorway to an awesome sneaker. The bottom allows you to see through the shoe which is just straight ill...Army Fatigue shorts, a white V-neck and these...This summer I'm going to be killing it...wow.

Now these will not be available to the public, but that's what makes them that much more desirable. The Air Jordan 6's "Motor sports" Edition. These were made by the Jordan brand for their dabble in Motorcycle Sports. Dope looking pair of 6's.

These Fusion 4's are kind of cool, I'm not too fond of the whole Jordan Fusion Thing, but the more they come out with them, the more they're growing on me.

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