Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Is his time to shine..so kick rocks"

Just Shopping - Cashius Green
Something that I enjoy, and I'm pretty sure a million other Americans do too is Music. I appreciate good music when I find it. I look up to New Artists because due to the so called "Death of Hip Hop", a lot of music is being left under the radar. When I'm at work I spend hours on Myspace(I multitask). A while back I ran into Dre Biggity and Reem Heff's Pages and I became a fan. I became a fan of the UTB Lifestyle Movement, of the art, and of course of the Music.

Then I bumped into Cashius Green's Myspace page and just listened. The kid is young, a little rough around the edges you may think, but the kid's flow is sick. Not a lot of people have a voice for hip hop, not many sound good on tape...but Cashius just caught my ear.

I promised him I'd give him some love on here a while back and slacked a little, but due to his new Mix tape "Joyful Xplosion", I figured this is as best time as any to show the Cali Kid some love. Sometimes I feel like I belong on the West Coast Ha ha. Anyway, above is a snippet of the mix tape called "Just Shopping". Definitely Support the kid Cashius Green and the whole UTB Lifestyle crew. Shout outs to Reem, Dre, Pheo and Cashius. Keep doing what you do.

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