Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ouch Day

Whoever said that tattoos don't hurt was blatantly lying to your face and you should kick them in the ass for it. I've always had an OK tolerance for pain, but after my last two, It's safe to say I cant go too long without getting one cause they hurt like crazy. The end result was worth it though.

So last night I spent about 9 hours in the tattoo parlor...Kingdom down on west 4th street where this nice dude Chris tattoos at. My partner in crime and I, Saucy went to get some ink done, and boy did we ever. He had this dope idea of getting a rosary around his neck and chest, a la Marky Mark, which came out so ill. He incorporated four names into the rosary, so he has like beads then names, just crazy idea.

Then I went on ahead to fill up my left forearm with a Spanish quote that I had come up with about 6 months back that I really liked. I also added a baby angel, and the letters B.O.M.H. for that special someone. I swore not to say what it means, because it is something very personal to her and I...but it just came out sicker then I even imagined it. Big props to the Homie Chris who is so good at what he does. He also did my chest piece. So without further ado, here are some pics to remember the night. Enjoy.

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