Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ego Tripping?

Today I got BBM'd by my boy A.G. and he told me to check out a video he had up on his blog. Not like he had to ask me since I check his blog daily for new stuff. A.G. also known as Anthony Gilbert, who runs www.gametimeag.blogspot.com, posted a video of this billionaire dude named Charles Charles McGalls stepping up to Dwyane Wade, challenging him to a game. In case you guys didn't know, Wade is in the running for MVP this season, and in my opinion, as much as I love Kobe Bryant and his game, I believe Wade deserves it just a bit more. So McGalls just goes crazy in the video, staring Wade down, and just constantly challenging him to play. A.G. says he is probably on an Ego Trip, I just think he's not all up there. Without further ado...here is the horror.


AG. said...

Wait until you see the response that I got from D Wade...I'll post it this week.

Mr Bru Cru said...

Damn you and your connections LOL
Cant wait primo.