Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flagrant Non Call

As a Lakers/Knicks Fan, I'm obliged to "hate" the Boston Celtics. I wouldn't necessarily say hate, but more of a dislike. I always give a great team respect where it's due, and last years Boston Celtics team was definitely a great team. I hated them for not letting Kobe Bryant get his 4th ring, but I respected them and congratulated them for being the best team. With that being said, The Celtics without Kevin Garnett lack that Defensive heart, that adrenaline that pumps through their veins. I feel they are a soft team without him, and I also feel like the Chicago Bulls should win the first round series, just because they look like they want it more. Of course that is just my opinion, but hey, this is my blog so I am entitled to it. Last night in Game 5, Both the Bulls and Celtics looked lethargic, but both were coming through in the clutch. It has been predominantly a "guards" game and it showed. But last night should have been a Chicago win. Most often then not, NBA Officials are always being criticized for their officiating, and last night was one of those nights. J.A. Adande says it best.

Video Courtesy of : www.espn.com

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