Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Broadcaster U X Shaq

Being tagged with the title of "Most Dominant Force in Basketball", Shaquille O'Neal has done pretty good with himself. He has 4 Championship Rings and still has 3 years left in him to play Basketball. With his career winding down, he has taken it upon himself to be ready for life after Professional Basketball, and has been attending "Broadcaster U" up in Syracuse, New York. He says he will learn all the tricks and trades of the broadcasting game, instead of using his name to get a job. I would love to see Shaq on live Television. Best Of Luck to him.


JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

Shaq is the freaking man. He's a natural. Honestly, my favorite x-ball player turned broadcaster, is Greg Anthony. The dude is smooth w/ his delivery. Then I think I like Mark Jackson. Everyone else is so-so to me. J. Rose and C. Webb SUCK!!!! lol. But, you know what's funny, Shaq states that he doesn't want his name to give him his shot as a broadcaster, but let's be realistic here, when Shaq is done w/ basketball, and he goes for that first interview against the competition of let's say, an intern, who do you think TNT or ABC will give the job to? Shaq is Shaq, and he's automatically going to bring his fan base to that channel. Fogetaboudit! "I am Shaq, and I approve this message". lol. Classic.

Mr Bru Cru said...

LOL that is true..but then again Im pretty sure ABC or ESPN would look for his "delivery" and knowledge or whatever they wouldnt just pick his big ass cause hes Shaq LOL...but you're right...I like Kenny Smith, I think C Webb and Chuck are Hilarious, but Gary Payton is Trassshhhooo lol great player, but not such a great commentator lol