Monday, May 11, 2009

Cool C is Definitely From Marz

A few months back I did a short piece on my boy Carl aka Cool C who is the head of the Monster they Call "Frank Lee Marz". He is vividly talented, and above all a very humble and energetic individual. He took some time out to answer a few of my questions, and from there I went on to give him the seal of approval and find out if he truly is "MrBruCru Approved".

MBC:Introduce yourself to the readers, where you hail from and why you want people to PAY ATTENTION?

Cool C:Whaddup ya'll, the names CooL C and I rep Frezzzz, CA. The whole West Coast rather.... I think you should pay attention bcuz I'm d=Dope.... lolz. And I mean that in the most modest way possible.... Hah!

MBC:In terms of musical influence, I saw on your blog that you chose Jay-Z's Blueprint as one of your influential albums, If you and Jigga were to collabo, what would the name of the song be? and...make up a quick line for it right now.

Cool C:Song title would be "Walkin' On Water" and ahhh line.... Hmmmm, off the TOP real quick:
"When I spit bars, I'm sorta like a Wave Runner.... In the Summer... Just Cruzin' across the lake... I take! The industry.... By storm.... They luke warm.... I'm Hott like Fire.... They can quit and join the street team.... Never EVER gettin' hired.... You nikkaz CAN get FIRED!!!! On.... I'm chillen.... All... Alone.... On my thrown.... HOVito let's get it homes...."
lmao. I'm nice......

MBC: LOL Good one, you better copyright that, before some idiot steals it.

MBC:If Kim Kardashian came up to you and said "CooL C will you marry me?" but at the time you were dating Megan Fox, what would you do?

Cool C:OMGGggzy.... I like this interview already.... lolz. I'd ask if we could move to Utah.... lolz. I'd marry them both and ask if they had the connect to Keri Hilson and Rihanna.... lmao! The BIG 5.... Hahaha.

MBC:Hahaha dude said Utah, that's genius.
MBC:Favorite gadget that you cant live without?

Cool C:Iphone hands down.... Just recently I lost [50] songs due to my old one spazzin' on me.... But it's still the "go to" jawn..... Shittt, I'm in Apple now.... I damn near work at the Genius Bar.... lmao.

MBC: You should tell em to give you free stuff haha

MBC:If you could be under (pause) P. Diddy or Jay-Z, in terms of them managing you, which would it be and why?

Cool C:Prob HOV.... He knows what's d=Dope and what's not... I studied all his albums like classwork.... I would watch "Fade To Black" as motivation before every basketball game.... HOV hands down....

MBC:That's what's up, plus he's the better rapper out the two...I'm gonna have to take a trip to Cali and challenge you in ball. LOL

Cool C:Have you met anyone famous? and if som who was it, where did it happen, and how did you react?

Cool C:That list is way too long kid.... [No Homo] I've chilled amongst Celeb's my whole life really.... I hang wit them like I hang with anyone else.... They not GOD so they don't deserve any special treatment.... They just mastered their craft and what they were good at.... Like I'm attempting to do now.... Nahhh mean....

MBC: I definitely feel you on that one.

MBC:When will Mr Bru Cru get a FREE MARz Promo T since you sent him a MEDIUM instead of a LARGE?

Cool C:LMAO! Mahhh badd about that kid... I was headed to NY/MIAMI for spring break and my mom's took care of dat.... We both apologize and I'll send you a ton free soon.... Word! What's good wit some Bureau??? lolz. iThrash all Street Wear foooo....

MBC: Hahaha we'll trade, I'll get you a few Bureau ones and you send me a few Marz.

MBC:What inspires you to keep going?

Cool C:My haters.... They don't know it just yet, but they inspire some of mahhh illest lines.... lolz. Ima' make a lot of dough off dem hating on the kid.... Word!

MBC: Can you crip walk?

Cool C:Dogg, I'm from Cali... I been crip walking since birth foooo... lolz. No gang affiliation though.... Just a way of life for us out here nahhh mean....

MBC: I'll challenge you to a crip walk competition too.

MBC:Favorite tattoo and why?

Cool C:I love them all the same.... It took me years and thousands and thousands of dollars to get them to the point there at now.... I'm almost done.... Just ribs, stomach, and lower back to go.... I'll have a full upper body sleeve when it's all said and done.... Kinda like Travis Barker of Famous.... Only one's I regret are the cover ups I have to do on my hands.... Old crew ties that I'm no longer apart of.... The lord is my only affiliation now.... Word!

MBC: That's what's up. I got a few more in the works. Gotta catch up to you haha.

MBC:If and when the Lakers make it to the Finals and they face The Cavaliers, who do you ahve? Kobe Or LeBron taking the chip?

Cool C: I'll always give that edge to KOBE mannn... He is the Best in the game, hands down.... Lebron is really really talented and has potential to be the BEST one day... But KOBE is NeYo in The Matrix.... Dem uddah boes just Agents.... lolz.

MBC:Great answer, we would've became complete enemies if you would've answered this differently LOL. No disrespect to LeBron, but Kobe is that dude.

MBC: What is in the works for both the line and the music? What can we expect next?

Cool C:Mannnn, my first priority is to graduate college.... I've been working at it for over 5-Years and I have just about two weeks left.... I had 7-Classes this semester so everything took a back seat do to me being a complete NERd.... lolz. It's looking like I'm going to finish on the deans list too.... Yesssss! But as far as Muzik & FLMARz Clothing... Expect the Un-Expected.... I really Zoned in and accidently Blacked Out.... We Outta Here!!! 09-N-Forevs!!!

MBC: Definitely, school is always a top priority.

MBC:Last but not least....(Drum roll please)Who is the greatest rapper ever? and why do you think so?

Cool C: Mannnnn, that's a tough one kid.... But I gotta go wit my heart.... I've worked with a kid named Fashawn for over 3-Years now and I've scene him literally transform when he hits the booth.... Like, his thought Process... His Creativity.... Delivery.... Presence behind a Mic.... Besides from all the Greats like Biggie, 2Pac, HOV, NAS, Yeezy, Jadakiss, etc. FASHAWN fooooooo.... Word!

MBC: Fash is dope. I've heard a few of his songs on his Myspace. I ain't mad at you.

A million thanks to the man behind Frank Lee Marz, in the future he and I will be hopefully collaborating on some Fashion stuff, Playing basketball, and crip walking our way to the top. Oh, and may I add, Cool C and Frank Lee Marz, they are Definitely MR BRU CRU APPROVED.

For more on Cool C and F.L. Marz check out the Blog:

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