Thursday, May 7, 2009

Game 2: Tempers Flare

In the second game of last night's double header, it was game 2 of the Western Conference Semi Finals between The Houston Rockets and The Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe, who told Doug Collins before the game that he was going to come out on Fire did not dissapoint. Kobe Dropped a Game High 40 points, while on great Defense from Shane Battier and Ron Artest. The story of the game was the little altercation between Luis Scola and Lamar Odom which ultimately led to Derek Fisher Trucking Luis Scola on the next play down the court. Fisher was expecting a closer pick and when he realized that Scola wasn't as close as he was supposed to be, trucked Scola to the ground making it seem much worse then it would've been had the pick been run right. Fisher came high to the face area with an elbow, which also made things seem worse, but Fisher was the one to get the worse of the altercation, getting a scab on the back of his head, and in result getting a One Game suspension that will make him miss game three.

Also later on in the game, Ron Artest caught a high elbow from Kobe Bryant and lost it, got in Bryant's face and resulted him in getting ejected. There is no word on wether there will be a suspension and or fine for Bryant. Artest went on to say that he is used to playing physical basketball, but also went on to say that he went to the Referee numerous times to complain about Kobe slapping Artest's arms down on Defense, which is a common thing in the NBA.

The game after that was called closely, also landing Bryant a technical foul for Taunting Shane Battier after a made shot. This definitely spices things up for the rest of the games, and to think that this is only Game 2. Lets go Lake Show.

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