Saturday, May 9, 2009

MVP X LBJ X T. Way Customs

So I was surfing the web, yes I say "Surfing the web" and went onto Slamonline.com. I'm a subscriber to their magazine, but the first day I get a new issue, I always read everything and have no use for it, except for maybe bathroom time. The website gives you more up to date stuff, and exclusives that you won't really see in the magazine. I was reading the "Kobe Rules" which is a debate about whether Kobe Bryant would've gotten suspended for his elbow to Ron Artest and how the NBA would never do that because that's one of their most marketable guys. It pissed me off, but then again, I'm just another opinion in this debate. Ron Artest should be the last person complaining about physical play. But anyway, back to the task at hand, I read an article in which it featured Tyler "T. Way" Way, a custom sneaker dude that does great work on sneaker canvas'.

LeBron James was recently named the 2008-2009 NBA MVP and with that, T. Way custom made a pair of Air Force One's to praise Lebron James for this accomplishment. The sneaker looks dope. The colorway is kind of reminiscent to the Cleveland Cavaliers' colors, and it features an MVP Logo which depicts LeBron James Pre Game "Chalk" antics. For more of his work check out Twaycustoms.net.

Thanks to Slamonline.com

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