Thursday, May 7, 2009

Smack heard 'round Beantown

The NBA Playoffs are getting even more heated as the games go by. First we had the Boston and Orlando game which I can't stand to watch. Number one I hate The Boston Celtics, and I just can't stand the Boston Crowd, and Orlando isn't fun to watch for me except for Dwight Howard when he puts some work in and Dunks on people. But I was kind of glad that I tuned in when I did. I watched the whole 3nd half of the game, and just witnessed Ray Allen and Eddie House running around getting 2 andeven 3 picks before draining a shot in the Magic's poor defense. I wont lie, some of those shots were very well contested but the Celtics were just on fire.

Being such a passionate Basketball fan, I get into these moods where when something happens I try and get the full story, and get both sides of the story before I even judge. I watched the play where Eddie House Drained a 3 in Rafer Alston's face, and when you play basketball you get bumps and elbows here and there. It did look at first like House did over celebrate a bit and resulted in maybe more physical contact then was intended, which lead to Alston's slap to the back of House's head.

Rafer Alston said that he was hit with an elbow after the shot by House, I kind of did see the elbow, but the camera alngle from which they kept re-playing the incident it was hard to see. All in all, Alston will serve a one game suspension after the open hand slap to Eddie House, and lucky for the Magic, they will be at home. Lets see what happens from here.

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