Monday, May 25, 2009

New Moon X New Pics

Maybe I'm the only dude that will openly admit to reading and falling for the "Twilight" saga, and hell, so what? I love to read, and these books were damn near great. I finished the books months ago, and saw the movie, and have been waiting to see anything remotely close to "New Moon" which will be the 2nd film releasing, titled after the 2nd book. Well, as I browse the Internet what do I find? Pictures from the set of the movie.

Nothing huge, just three pictures, but it kind of has you anticipating again. I feel like a god damn 12 year old girl. Anyway, My secret crush is "Bella", and Kristen Stewart is slowly but surely getting my attention.

Above are pictures of "Bella", "Edward" and "Laurent".


JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

Lol! You said you're feeling like a 12 yr old girl, that's funny. I would say that this series' got me feeling like a teenager. I'm really looking forward to this film, as Twilight really disappointed me. I mean I was so upset on how they just rushed everything. It became so freaking annoying. The director did not give time for any of the relationships to materialize. Anyway, let's go New Moon! Hurry up! Even though "New Moon" is the most depressing book in the series, I hope that the production team can do something w/ Bella and Jacob's relationship and make this one better than the first. I'll def. be checking it out in the Movies.

Muh.Wran.Duh said...

How dare you blog about Twilight and not mention my name lol
You should've posted pics of the guys that will be playing the Volturri...
They did pretty good in casting them although I do believe Christopher Walken and Johnny Depp would've fit perfectly!
Oh well, I guess the budget was only able to cover one good A-Lister and that is Dakota Fanning... suh-weet!

Mr Bru Cru said...

LOL Jegz...If they would've spent more time building the relationships on screen themovie wouldve been 10 hours long...that's why I always read a book that turns into a movie, there is always so much more in te book. And Mirenda...sorry I didnt mention you..and I shouldve posted the Wolves too..damn you. muahz