Monday, June 15, 2009

America's Pastime, MrBruCru's Headache

One of the many reasons why I'm not too fond of baseball this year. Stuff like this only happens to the Mets. We get swept in Pittsburgh of all Places and we lose on this "rare" happening, and then the game after that we get spanked 15-0. I was going to go buy a new Mets hat, cause I really need a new one, but this totally slows that shopping spree up. Nonetheless. It's a long season. M-E-T-S..Mets, Mets, Mets.


JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

Dear Mr. Bru Cru,

You know that i'm a die hard Mets fan. You also know that I watch every freaking game. The games I can't watch on TV, I catch online, or on my mobile. This past weekend was almost too much for me. Forget about the Pirates. These are the freaking YANKEES! And you're so right! This can only happen to the METS! Friday's loss, on that pamper-league type of an error, was like a Mike Tyson punch to me. Can you imagine if this would've happen on a game 7 of a World Series, after we had come back on their hall of fame closer? I would've been admitted to a Psych Ward, seriously. If he would've made that catch, we would've taken the series w/ Saturdays game, which I was actually at, and Sundays 15-0 slaughter, would've been, Eh, a whatever game. I hope that we're at least 75% healthy for our rematch at Citi Field, A game which i'm also going to attend. Freaking Mets! But I love them. I don't care. lol.

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