Saturday, December 19, 2009


Sticking to the Basketball theme, I vote every year for the NBA All Star Team and I always vote only once. This year was no different. My picks for this years East and West teams are as follows.

Carmelo Anthony-30 ppg and 6 Rebs
Pau Gasol-17 ppg and 12 rebs
Kobe Bryant-28.9 ppg
Chris Paul-21ppg 11 assists
Andrew Bynum-16ppg 8 rebs

LeBron James- 28ppg, 8 assists, 7 rebs
Kevin Garnett-15 ppg and 7 rebs
Dwyane Wade- 26 ppg, 5 rebs and 6 assists
Gilbert Arenas-22 ppg and 7 rebs
Dwight Howard-18 ppg and 12 rebs

They're pretty obvious choices and although Pau Gasol missed a few games at the beginning of the season he's still consistent and he even had his first 20,20 game the other night. Andrew Bynum is probably the best overall Center in the West that's why he's there. People are sleeping on Gilbert Arenas who has been injury plagued recently but he's showing what he's capable of dropping 45 points last night. Everyone else is obvious. Lets go WEST Ha ha.

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