Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A.I. back to Philly

With all the curiosity on where and what Allen Iverson was going to do with his career, everyone was speculating this..."If a contender reaches out he'll sign with them". "If the Lakers, If the Celtics, If The Cavaliers, come knocking, he'll answer". No one bothered to think about where A.I. was born, no one seemed to even remember he came from Philly. The Philadelphia 76ers reached out to The Answer and offered him a One Year deal, and like every Hollywood Happy Ending, Allen Iverson agreed. Why not finish the right way? Why not finish where you crossed Michael Jordan, where you won your MVP trophy, where you poured it all out on the court, where the Fans, still until this day cheer you on and respect you. He "re-debut's" on December 7th against the Denver Nuggets.

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