Monday, December 7, 2009

Sixty Plus X Grapes

One of the best and worst parts of being a sneaker addict, or just plain old some one who loves sneakers is the Line. Something as simple as a line can be the defining moment in ones happiness to achieving the task of capturing the sneaker. The Line you make and you wonder to yourself how you'll feel when you actually posses the sneakers or how you'll kill yourself when they run out of your size and you have no other sources. Sneakers are and have been on High demand, it sucks to be on the "worse" part of the "Line". I was when the Original air Jordan 5's (Grapes) were released a few years back. I didn't kill myself, but I went through some stages of "Theft" in which I'd want to steal certain kids sneakers who had them. I also went through the stage of "unawareness" where I would see someone wearing those same sneakers I wanted but couldn't get, I would just ignore the hell out of them. That being said, I won't go out of my mind and pay $500 to try and get the Grape V's, but I will settle for the less, yet fulfilling substitute, the Air Jordan 60+ Grapes. Funny how life works huh?

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