Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caught my attention...

Lately I feel like the Lakers have been losing games that should be won. Rightfully so, they are dealing with minor injuries but still, it's frustrating. They still hold the best Record in the West, hopefully for All Star break they'll get a nice little win streak going.
That game between the Cavaliers and the Heat was crazy. Two of the best players in the league went at it and did not hold back. I bet D-Wade will think twice before throwing a behind the back pass and he'll think twice before trying to block LeBron again(Nasty).
Someone tell Greg Oden not to send chicks naked pictures of himself, because the douchelords over at Worldstar have the leaked pictures(Shake my head).

I'll post the positive in this post and that is the great showdown between Flash and King James.

video Via: www.nba.com

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