Monday, February 15, 2010

All Star Weekend in my thoughts....

For the last few years I can honestly say that I have enjoyed All Star Weekend. The festivities, celebrities and the game of Basketball have been entertaining to say the least. The Slam Dunk contest has been on the rise in the last few years and in my opinion this year it lacked big time. The 3 Point Shootout was entertaining until Paul Pierce went overboard and named himself one of the best shooters in NBA History( Wow I can't even believe I repeated what he said). The All Stat Game on Sunday made up for a horrible Dunk Contest. Although Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, A.I., and Brandon Roy were not playing, the players that did partake made it an awesome game. Congratulation to Dwyane Wade on Winning the All Star Game MVP, he deserved it. Hopefully next year some really big names will revamp the Dunk Contest.

*Side note, if Kobe would've been healthy enough to play, we know damn well who would've been taking that last shot.

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