Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Censor this!

I didn't watch the Grammy's for many reasons. Last year they weren't so great so I decided to skip out on them this year. I did know that Eminem, Lil Wayne and Drake were going to perform so I decided to try and tune in for at least that. Finally they come on...at first I'm hyped because "Drop the World" is on my repeat play list since it came out. I immediately get upset and tune out all the censoring that CBS decided to go bonkers with. I get more excited when "Forever" starts playing, I immediately get upset because I forgot Kanye wasn't present and his verse is my 2nd favorite. I turn off the television and continue to do me. I hate live television for the simple fact that it's just like radio. The censorship on music gets taken too far. Even through the censoring you can tell that the artists themselves were bleeping themselves by avoiding to say the curse words. It was horrible to watch it live, but I spent 30 minutes looking for a good clip on youtube and finally found one. So this I definitely enjoyed.

Video via: www.youtube.com

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