Monday, February 15, 2010

Winning Time

I'm skimming through my Slam magazine with Kobe Bean on the cover and I come across this picture of Reggie Miller. Now instantly, seeing a picture of him brings two things to mind, Great Shooter and Knick Killer. Growing up in the 1990's gave me the chance to witness games like these and it brings back memories. Now ESPN is going to be showing "Winning Time: Reggie Miller VS The New York Knicks" a Film by Dan Klores as part of their 30 For 30 Films. Can't wait to catch this one, it's set to air March 14th at 9pm. Mark it on your calendar.

Image via: www.Slamonline.com, www.google.com

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AG. said...

I'll never forget this day ever...Reggie Miller is forever a favorite in my house! I can't wait to watch this movie and cheer/cry all over again!