Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Answer...

It always hurts a bit to see a sports figure go through things that us "regular" folks go through. You grow up watching and sometimes emulating and other times looking up to athletes. Allen Iverson given his bad reputation and all has million of fans around the world. When he "retired" many cried alongside him. When he signed with Philly again, many rejoiced. The ups and downs of sports are so random that they can happen at any given time. Iverson left the Sixers back in February to deal with a rare illness that his young daughter was diagnosed with. He only played around 25 games and since then nothing has been known of the superstar. It was reported by Stephen A. Smith and many other ESPN and Basketball Writers that Allen Iverson has "Alcohol and Gambling Issues" that he is dealing with now. His wife also filed for divorce about a month ago. That is a lot to have on your plate, even for the magnitude of his celebrity status. No one knows what is really going on in Allen Iverson's life except for Iverson himself. I can only pray that he treats life like he did Basketball and after being knocked down, that he'd pick himself up again and continue with his big heart.

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