Saturday, April 24, 2010

Allow me to defend myself....

Everyone asks me why I'm a Laker fan? They say I jumped on the Kobe/Laker wagon, that I root for a team that always wins which is typical. They ask me why I don't root for the Knicks(Which I do). It amazes me when people come out their face and question my loyalty. So I'm gonna take you back, from my thoughts, no damn Internet involved, suck on this.

I became a Laker fan in the 1993-1994 season. The Bulls and Michael Jordan were Killing the league and it was all about the Starter Jackets. If I remember correctly that roster consisted of Nick Van Excel, Vlade Divac, Elden Campbell, Doug Christie, Kurt Rambis,James Worthy, Sam Bowie and Anthony Peeler to name a few. If I'm not mistaken, Vlade Divac was the leading scorer that year, don't remember what he averaged, but I'm pretty sure he was. So lets see, from 1993 to the present day that would make me a Laker Fan for the last 17 years. Now back then I was too young to understand sports, didn't understand the losing and winning aspect of the game. There were many losing seasons..but eventually things started falling into place. I remember Eddie Jones being my favorite player, wearing that number 6, he wasn't much of a scorer, but he played defense and his game was well balanced. Then came players like Cedric Ceballos, Jerome Kersey if I remember correctly oh yeah and some kid named Kobe Bryant.

I remember the number 8, the Adidas sneakers and commercials, Sprite commercials, cocky attitude. The shades on at the Lower Merion HS Press conference when he was making the announcement to enter the NBA Draft. I remember him being drafted number 13to the Charlotte Hornets then later traded for Vlade Divac.I remember him taking Brandy to his Prom, BRANDY! A High School Phenom taking Ms. Moesha to the Prom. I remember the Dunk over Ben Wallace when he was in Orlando. I remember Chris Childs punching him in the jaw. Shooting back to back air balls against Utah in the Playoffs. I remember Dunking over Yao, schooling Ruben Patterson after he made himself the "Kobe Stopper". Taking on The Sacramento Queens and their Cow Bells. I remember when he wore Hardwood Classic Jerseys for about a week straight. When he wore nothing but Jordan's to play in while he was searching for a new brand to sign him. I remember the Adultery case in Colorado. I remember him averaging 40 points a game during one stretch. I remember the 81 points that everyone criticized. I remember the 3-peat with Shaq and Company. I remember the Leather Jacket he wore after they beat the Pacers in the Finals. I remember Kobe Bryant from the minute he stepped foot on an NBA Floor.

I brush off the negativity and continue to follow my team. As I worked the gruesome and lonely grave yard shift I came across a cool site and stumbled across this picture. So for all you LeBron fans(not taking anything away from the kid because he is a force to be reckoned with) I hope you guys understand the message behind this t-shirt, oh yeah and enjoy it too.

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