Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rocboyz in the building tonight....

I've known these dudes for years, Melo obviously being my cousin I've known him my whole life and Ryan I've known since he was a pain in every body's ass...Oh no wait that hasn't changed. Anyway, the chemistry between the team is that somewhat of a family, brothers you can say. We yell at each other, scream at one another and get furious with each other to the point where you'd think we hated each other. In the end, when we lose, we lose together and when we win, we win as one. We are currently 3-3 with a win over "Famous 1". 54-52 in a double overtime game. Here are some pictures courtesy of LozerFilms, much love to him and his Picture taking abilities. ROCBOYZ!

For more Pictures visit: www.Lozerfilms.com

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