Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dear June...

He had Grammy Nominations without even having an album out yet. It's amazing what a few mixtapes and an EP will do...but then again you can't just throw anything out there. Cooing and rapping together hasn't sounded this good..ever. From making your "Best I ever had" to "Find your love" I don't think I've heard a song from Drake that I haven't liked. I mean yes there are some that I skip on my ipod but at the same time there are more that I keep on repeat. June is a huge month not only weather wise here in New York but in everything that makes up the person that I am. I'm about to hit my one year anniversary with the girl of my dreams, a beautiful young lady who actually just graduated college and is headed for her Masters Degree and actually LOVES me! It's amazing to even read that myself. Shout outs to YP. Anyway back to the task at hand...There are some iconic sneaker releases coming up also. Kids now just get sneakers to get them...I remember back in the 90's when kids would camp out all night and not get any sleep and go straight to school rocking the pair they just bought. I don't know..I bet a lot of kids now do that too, but things just aren't the same anymore. So we've covered my love life, then we covered the addiction to own several pair of sneakers and now on to the music aspect of it. I haven't bought a CD since "Ready To Die" and that was almost two decades ago. Come June Drake is releasing his highly...HIGHLY anticipated album "Thank Me Later" and with people like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys on the cover it's hard to say or think that even if the album isn't a perfect 10 that it wont be GREAT. Can't wait.

Also check out: www.Billboard.com for a very cool Drake story.

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