Saturday, June 19, 2010

How sweet it is...

A picture is always said to be worth a thousand maybe even a million words. No words could express all the emotions going through me as I sat and watched maybe one of the best games I had ever had a chance to see. Granted the game wasn't pretty. Both teams had their defense on point, Kobe shot like 24% from the field and missed shots more than I miss work, but above all the game went down to the wire and it was anyone's to take. The Lakers win their 16th title in NBA History, second to only the Boston Celtics. They have also won their 5th Championship under the leadership of Phil Jackson which makes this his 11th making him the most coveted NBA Coach...Ever. It also gives Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher their 5th Championship...One behind Michael Jordan and One more than Shaq (just thought I'd rub that in there). It was sweet revenge from 2008's loss in the Finals against the Celtics and it was the first team to win Back To Back Championships since...well, The Los Angeles Lakers. Congratulation to the 2009-2010 NBA Champs...LA All Day.

For some great NBA Finals videos head on over to www.NBA.com.


Soulful Jenn said...

L dot A dot indeed; XO!

When u comin to the West Coast?!

Mr Bru Cru said...

Idk but I need to get my ass out there...permanently even I envy you. Lol