Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Basketball Thoughts

There is a horrible feeling after losing a game in any sport and being eliminated. Back in High School we weren't that great at Basketball, although we did better in my Sophomore and Junior Years then we have in many years we were known for Baseball. The Beacon High School took the High School Championship and I remember fondly going to the Game at Shea Stadium. It was a great feeling when we won but then again I played Basketball so when we finally made the playoffs and got bumped off, it was one of the worst feelings I have ever had in my life, yes In my whole entire life I've never cried like I did that day. That being said, I know what it's like to win and lose. I understand the whole feelings and emotions that go behind a defeat and a victory.

Last year around this time, maybe a few weeks back around this time LeBron James was seen wearing a T-Shirt that read "LBJ MVP" which was his way(or Nike's Way) of continuing his Most Valuable Player celebration. It was cool and all, I believed he deserved it and will continue to get them unless god forbid he gets injured. Now what I didn't understand was why he decided to wear the shirt while the NBA Finals were in Progress, or actually I believe the Finals had ended and the Lakers were crowned Champs. Granted both Kobe and LeBron are signed to Nike so maybe it was just friendly "competition" and shots taken at one another but that was last year. This year what's bugging me is this:

Now I have no problem with being loyal to your hometown team. As bad as the Knicks have been the last 7 seasons, I stay loyal to them because they're my hometown team and grew up watching them in the 90's. My heart for some reason wishes it was in L.A. Maybe it was Magic and Kareem in the late 80's or Eddie Jones and Kobe Bryant in the 90's but let me not get off topic. It kind of annoys me that they can't just accept their defeat. Yes Perkins was hurt but we had home court advantage and were winning the rebounding aspect of the game...Point being, quit crying and try again next year. Ahhh Mental Ventilation has never felt so good. LA ALL DAY!

For more on this dumb ass act of pitying your team head over to: http://www.boston.com/sports/basketball/celtics/extras/celtics_blog/2010/06/celebrities_hon.html

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