Thursday, July 1, 2010

Witness....and wait.

As the poster above states "We are all Witnesses" it's not only relating to his abilities on the court, we are witnessing some of the most annoying/spectacular/media filled scenes to ever hit the Basketball world. Instances like winning a Gold Medal, an NBA Championship or even a career ending injury to a great player are the headlines to capture most of the attention in the Basketball World. LeBron James is doing that all alone...without even really trying. We've been talking and pondering about July 1st, 2010 for almost 3 years now. Finally the time has come...Nets owners and representatives meet with LeBron today and the Knicks will do so too, here is how "we're" proposing to Mr. James:

"According to SI’s sources, New York will try to woo James by promising to team him up with fellow star free agents, but will reportedly ask all of them to take a pay cut to play in Gotham. Riiiiight: “When the Knicks meet with LeBron James on Thursday, they’ll be offering the free agent a vision as bold as New York itself: Create your own dynasty. A league source with understanding of New York’s plans told SI.com that the Knicks will recruit the Cavaliers’ two-time MVP with a grandiose vision of surrounding him with Hawks shooting guard Joe Johnson as well as an elite power forward — Chris Bosh of the Raptors or Amar’e Stoudemire of the Suns — to form a starring trio capable of contending for championships for years to come. A similar plan has been discussed this week involving a proposed move by James and Bosh to Miami to join with Heat guard Dwyane Wade. The Knicks have decided to target Johnson instead of Wade because of concerns that Wade and James are too similar in style and could clash over control of the ball, according to the source. Though 6-foot-7 Johnson is a four-time All-Star who has led Atlanta to 100 wins over the last two seasons, he is viewed as a complementary player who is capable of joining with James and other stars in a constructive way. Johnson’s importance to this three-headed plan is underlined by the Knicks’ decision to visit him first on Thursday in Los Angeles before circling back to Akron, Ohio, for their scheduled meeting with James.”
That's a quote from www.slamonline.com for more on this topic and the rest of the Free agents check out www.nba.com .

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