Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Check yourself.

Break something. Trust me. It will feel good. Take yourself to a place you've never been before. Few of us take themselves to the point of no return, to the breaking point. But for those who make it back..they know themselves a whole lot better.

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JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

You know, I've heard many people say "Pssst. Break something. It'll make you feel better". If I'm being honest, there've been moments when I've wanted to break something, but it just so happens that I'm in my room when that occurs, and I value everything in that sucka lmao! Why don't I feel this way when I'm around a dumpster or something? lmao! But I guess I'll "Check Myself". lol. BTW. That muscular chick w/ the sledge hammer is scary! lol. One Love.