Friday, September 10, 2010

Overcome it all.

In life you're often brought down by the words of others. You're made to feel a certain way, act a certain way. When you're under pressure you sometimes don't perform at your fullest potential. There are always factors to why things happen. Life hasn't been the easiest to figure out these last couple of months. There's been a lot of stress put on me, mostly by myself. Some things here and there that I should've handled differently, things that shouldn't have been said and emotions that get the best of you all played part in these last few months. I've had some downs and I do mean downs but overall I try and stay positive. Things are going to be very interesting and I'm well aware and prepared to take on it all.

Always remember that people will bring you down. Whether with their words or actions. But always know that you control things. It is up to you to decide which way to go. What to say and what to do. Surround yourself with positive people and don't forget to laugh, always. Laughter is after all the best medicine.

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JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

I live by this! Good Stuff bro!!! I love you kid!